Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Detoxification of Urine

Detoxification is a test used to determine for the probable cause by a accumulation of toxic substances in our circulation.These toxins are can be detected in the urine.The urine is used to identify or measure the particular toxin which the body accumulate, by these we can be able to diagnose or pinpoint the type of toxin in the treatment of the disease.

Our kidney is the main organ who help to filter the toxins, and these toxins are excreted in the urine.The kidney is also the organ which we need to detoxify for the proper removal of toxin in the urine.

If you need to urinate, please do so!!!..Because, urine is always made up of toxins that is needed to be eliminate, if you do not urinate these toxins will be reabsorbed by the excretory system that can cause disease.

We can detoxify the kidney to produce minimal amount of toxins present in the urine by drinking plenty of water.

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Holly Jahangiri said...

I have heard of people who became so entranced by what they were doing (gambling, playing video games) that they "forgot" to urinate until they were unable to do so, and sometimes passed out or died. You might find this interesting, if you hadn't already heard it:


Virginia Gaces said...

That is good information Holly. Thanks.

Maricris, you have to explain in vitro detoxification of urine for esteogen testing.

zorlone said...


More homework, huh? You can do it! One website at a time. hehehe.

Good luck!


Luke said...

Cool! The next time I tell somebody to "piss off", I could also tell him that I'm giving him good advice as he needs to empty his bladder anyway so that it won't be reabsorbed by the excretory system. Right, Z? :D Keep posting, Maricris. :)