Monday, July 13, 2009


a hammer-shaped lobulated organ
white with a tinge pinkish color
resembling a grape fruit- acini hanging on a stem
an organ producing juices;
the juices with varying enzymes
enzymes which are need for digestion
and maintenance for blood glucose
an organ classifying cells
alpha and beta cells
alpha for gluca. beta for insu.

an accessory organ of the digestive system
an organ described as the heart of digestion and secretion
a piece of cake with a bitter taste,
a forgotten pill that can result to a high risk of illness.
a cause of illness that can cause you death
a death caused by a simple organ
a simple organ, known as the Pancreas


Aubrey said...

The information you posted are brief yet helpful... I suggest that you can show more of your creativity if the last words of each line rhymes... But the poem is nice though.. Good job..

eryLL said...

good poem. but there was a line I did not understand "a piece of cake with a bitter taste" . what was this all about?? haha. curiosity wise..

juLliUs said...

nice the stanza starts all with a, how cute.

ethel said...

Your poem is good it tells something about your topic.

timz said...

Your poem was good.. but it would be better if it have the rhymes with it.. diba? ehehe.. pero its good.. :)

Virginia Gaces said...

The lines are good descriptions of your topic. I would suggest some continuity with the lines. Some typos and errors can be edited.

zorlone said...

It looks like a list poem to me about the pancreas. With some minor corrections, it would be commendable.

A different approach compared to the others, keep writing.


PS. You know you can also start writing poems outside your topic. I think, like the rest of your classmates, you will be able to write one very well.